Who Am I Today?

I am finally me again ! And I have just recently started allowing myself to be me and own who I am proudly. It has taken me 10 years to completely convince myself that I am worthy enough to be here , I believed what I was told over and over again for many years. It was never good enough for him and anything I did or said could have been done better in his eyes. and I could no longer love myself.  It just like when you marry someone who lies to you for over 10 years , even he starts to believe his own lies. You become what you tell your mind to believe.  It taken me 2 years to start to really love who I am as a person today. I have a lot of work still to do but I’m feel so relaxed that I  can be true to who I am me and nobody’s looking over my shoulder and judging me anymore. . I’m a hot mess sometimes and I’m a lot of fun sometimes. (All the time actually) I am very real. I don’t act a certain way for certain people because what I have learned is that we are all people and we all have our (stuff) but people enjoy someone who can be real (themselves) with them it makes them feel so much more Ease with the interaction. They appreciate it and everybody doesn’t have to act a certain way .. so be who you are and people will embrace you!